Mod at GDC 2019

Michela Ledwidge will this month represent Mod at GDC in San Francisco, after our first trip in 2018 resulted in gigs with Epic Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

GDC is the world's largest professional game industry event, with opportunities over 5 days for networking and sharing world leading research and production. We'll be bringing demos of our recent Extended Reality work, the immersive documentary experience A Clever Label and new AR components for our platform Rack&Pin.

We'll be looking to connect with cinematics and immersive entertainment folks, and scouting for a US-based Business Development Agent.

Mod is available for global outsourcing work and an overview of our virtual production capabilities can be found here.  

Anyone wanting to connect with Michela in San Francisco can reach her on +1-424-288-6707 twitter @michela or email