ACO shoot this weekend

Here at Mod we're busy bees, getting everything organised for this week's shoot with the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO).

We completed a pilot for the ACO last year featuring four musicians and we were given the green light to produce a virtual tour featuring the full orchestra. And this Saturday we're shooting for the project.

The shoot will involve capturing seperate video and audio of 13 orchestra members performing simultaneously against green screen. This will involve 13 cameras, and as it's being shot in 3D, 13 stereoscopic mirror rigs.

Sound complex? It is.

But this is the stuff we live for here at MOD - creating unique, innovative productions that break the mould. And it's the first time a shoot like this has been done anywhere in the world. That's pretty mould-breaking right?

For more info on the pilot project, check out our summary. And keep your eye on the blog for further updates.


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