ACO Virtual Tour 2013-2018 Wraps

2019 farewells our ACO Virtual touring show. Initially envisioned as a two-year touring show, ACO Virtual proved so popular and robust the tour extended into a sixth year, with its final staging in Goulburn NSW.

Since launching in 2013 it clocked up some impressive statistics. There have been 40 stagings and of these 31 have been in regional Australia across NSW, QLD, VIC, NT and WA. Eight stagings were in Australian capital cities - including a 2.5 month exhibition at the National Museum of Australia and there was even a staging in Hong Kong.

With two separate touring kits allowing simultaneous installations it has been exhibited for approximately 1,151 days allowing 114,335 people to experience it. 

Many thanks to our partner in this joint venture, the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), for taking a leap of faith with us creating something exciting that had never been done before. 

We extend very special thanks to the ACO Virtual touring crew - Louis Thorn, Felix Abrahams, Jason Jones, Nick Ubter, Des O'Neil and our 2nd line IT Support partners Solutions First, who helped us keep the show on the road for so long. Thanks to Alexandra Cameron-Fraser, who was our ever-steady contact at ACO, providing continuity throughout the years, and a special shout out to Georgia Rivers, who as ACO Marketing Manager at the time, advocated to get the project off the ground.   

We've only scratched the surface of what Australian realtime shows can be but we're very proud of this pioneering project.

For full details of ACO Virtual, including overview video, awards and conference papers, visit our ACO Virtual production page

Featured image by Will Huxley


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