Australian Directors Guild Conference

The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) is the industry association representing the interests of Australian film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers, animators, assistant directors and independent producers.

Michela Ledwidge's participation on the ADG board for the last couple of years recognises the growing role of directors of interactive screen content. The ADG board is working to assist members to adapt to our rapidly changing digital media landscape and as a board member Michela has been helping the ADG to communicate with members on evolving definitions, roles and needs.

The ADG has 700 members nationally and works to promote excellence in screen direction, encourage communication and collaboration between directors and others in the industry, and provide professional support for its members. An important aspect of this is the ADG Conference, this year held 7-8 November. Conference objectives are to promote a strong and professional membership, to advance learning and knowledge amongst members and industry professionals, and to provide networking opportunities.

This year's conference theme is "Directing in the Digital Age" and Michela is a member of the panel, "Do We Really Need Directors? - a discussion on the future of directors in the Australian screen industry. 

Mod welcomes robust and continuing industry discussion about growing opportunities for interactive screen story-telling.


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