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Introducing Grapho at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

Our documentary project A Clever Label, to be demoed at SIGGRAPH Asia next week, is produced using the technology behind our new Grapho app - a tool that lets non-technical users examine and manipulate graph data for presentations. Filling a gap in the market for easy-to-use VR data visualisation, Grapho makes data insights engaging and accessible. Mod has identified demand for a tool that allows secure visualisation of private  data without cloud sharing; Grapho aims to support both local and cloud data, making no assumptions about data location.

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Mod at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019: A Clever Label

SIGGRAPH Asia is a conference like no other, where innovation is more than a buzzword - it’s actually tangible and forward thinking. This year, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 will be held in Brisbane, the first time it has ever been in Australia! We're excited that Mod will have such a strong presence at the conference this year - as well as being a finalist in the prestigious Real-Time Live! competition, we're co-hosting the Birds Of a Feather session on Virtual Production and exhibiting in the Trade Show for the first time.

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