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Michela Ledwidge speaks at The Studio

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A Clever Label launches

The team at Mod is thrilled to announce the release of A Clever Label, our latest interactive documentary experience.

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WANTED: Producer / Project Manager

Mod has a contract available, starting early 2022, for an Interactive Media Producer or Technical Project Manager with solid experience in the games or interactive media sector.

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WANTED: Software Engineer (UE4)

Mod has a 12-month full time contract for an experienced software engineer with good Unreal Engine 4 experience.

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What is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production (VP) is a convenient label to describe film and TV productions taking advantage of real-time technologies developed in the games industry. Even on shows that look like traditional productions, with no obvious CG elements, a wealth of new tools may be making life easier for the production team behind the scenes.

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WANTED: Software Engineer - Web Development (Django, React)

Mod is looking for a Software Engineer focussed on web development. This is an initial 1 month full time contract (160 hours), with a view to extending. It is a remote working role.

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Shoah Foundation production

The Shoah Foundation, established by Steven Spielberg, is dedicated to recording and preserving interviews with Holocaust survivors and witnesses. Mod is working alongside DOP, Paul Nichola on the Foundation's Australian production of Dimensions in Testimony.

We will be filming at the Sydney Jewish Museum, November to February, using a 23-camera array to capture massive amounts of data for volumetric video, which will be turned into cinematic quality, interactive biographies, preserving irreplaceable oral histories from precious elders.

We're honoured to be entrusted to work on this important project.

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Mod joins Ausfilm

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted as members of Ausfilm, the national body that promotes Australia's screen talent, studios and production incentives to the international film industry.

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Celebrating NAIDOC Week with Indigemoji

Kwertare (crown) image from the Indigemoji app. (Courtesy of Harold Thomas and WAM Clothing) 

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The Many Moods of Donald Trump Release

Our latest Virtual Production is political satire starring the legendary Harry Shearer, with releases timed to coincide with the USA's current presidential election season. The Many Moods of Donald Trump, comprising 13 tracks, hits the shelves 30 October, just three days before the US goes to the polls. 

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Feature film 2067 released

We're excited that sci-fi mystery-thriller feature film, 2067 has had its US release! Back in late 2018 Mod director, Michela Ledwidge worked in pre-production with the film's On-Set VFX Supervisor, Mark van den Bergen to research Virtual Production techniques to assist filming. Two options - in-camera VFX and real-time point-cloud "hologram" capture were tested. Michela then joined the production on-set at Adelaide Film Studios to capture holograms for key dramatic shots. 

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Odd Socks Day for Mental Health

2020 has been a hell of a year and it's taken a toll on mental health for many of us.

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Mod on Mozilla Hubs

The Mod team is excited by the live online event work that we’ve been doing in Mozilla Hubs. We’ve found Hubs to be a scalable, flexible and fun platform that allows a more natural human communication experience than video conferencing allows. 

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A Clever Label awarded an Epic MegaGrant

We are very excited to announce that Mod has been awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant to support production of our investigative documentary, A Clever Label. Our VR doco allows audiences to explore how prominent figures in business and politics are linked to The Australian Christian Lobby, a conservative political advocacy group, revealing impacts on LGBTQ+ people and on democracy itself.  A Clever Label is created using our Rack&Pin pipeline for Virtual Production. This grant gets us a little bit closer to releasing it as an online video series pilot and as a touring VR experience.

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Mod and deep fakes

Mod is currently working on a satirical deep fake project (watch this space) and firmly front of mind are issues canvassed at last years Vivid Ideas event, Love/Machine

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Wrap Up

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 was huge for Mod. We enjoyed demonstrating our latest work, strengthening industry connections and meeting peers. Our highlights in numbers:

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Mod farewells the incomparable Raena Lea-Shannon

Raena Lea-Shannon, our friend and long time lawyer, passed away last month after a long fight with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

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Mod collaborates on martial arts meets dance project

The team at Mod was chuffed to collaborate with Yunyu on release of Pirates of the Silk Roada new mod for Beat Saber, available on Beat Saver.

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Mod at GDC 2019

Michela Ledwidge will this month represent Mod at GDC in San Francisco, after our first trip in 2018 resulted in gigs with Epic Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

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Mod industry partnership with UTS Animal Logic Academy

In 2018 Mod continued its great relationship as an industry partner with UTS Animal Logic Academy and for the second year, Michela Ledwidge was invited to deliver a postgrad masterclass. Later in the year she was part of the industry panel that selected student projects for further development.

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