Mod collaborates on martial arts meets dance project

The team at Mod was chuffed to collaborate with Yunyu on release of Pirates of the Silk Roada new mod for Beat Saber, available on Beat Saver.

Mod introduced Yunyu to the creative opportunities of Mixed Reality video and virtual production in our VR Arcade, including hit game, Beat Saber. As a composer, sound designer and keen martial artist, Yunyu hatched a plan to introduce the world to another type of dance music. Influenced by Chinese martial art, Wushu and Hong Kong fight films, the fight _is_ the dance.  

It was exciting to be part of such a diverse and multi-talented creative team. Yunyu composed the original track, recording it with Michael Sheridan (guitars) and Kirke Godfrey (drums + mix). To develop her choreography Yunyu teamed up with Chongwei Zhang, Master Instructor (Zhang Shifu) from TK Martial Arts, who is also a martial arts choreographer, actor and stunt performer. Macquarie University and PhD candidate, Rhett Loban provided additional support with equipment and testing, parallel to development of Rhett's Torres Strait Islands VR experience. Rhett is also this week’s IndigenousX ambassador. Beautiful artwork was provided by talented manga and comic artist, Queenie Chan. Finally Mod pulled it all together, producing Mixed Reality videos for the project.


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