Beyond: Two Souls

French video game developer Quantic Dream have another game set to come out October this year, following their 2010 hit (and Mod Productions favourite) Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page alongside Willem Dafoe via motion capture.  

As was the case with Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls blurs the lines between movie and video game. It is a narrative based game, relying heavily on it’s story. From released footage, the gameplay looks unique and exciting.

While it is similar to Heavy Rain, in that it is narrative-based and utilised real actors with motion capture technology, it is not a sequel. Quantic Dream have made it clear that they were not interested in making a sequel to Heavy Rain. Head Developer, David Cage has said "If you're interested in innovation and believe that games could be more than shooters, then you realise that sequels kill creativity and innovation".

Quantic Dream’s dedication to ‘sticking to their guns’ was clear when they rejected Sony’s request to have the main character holding a gun on the cover art, saying it would misrepresent the game and that they would not bow to focus group demands.

There is no word yet on whether it will be out on the PS4, but they have confirmed a PS3 release.



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