Boomalli's Mardi Gras Season Show

As part of Mod's Mardi Gras season work with ACON, we brokered and helped to deliver a partnership event between ACON Aboriginal Project and Boomalli Aboriginal Art: Boomalli's exciting Mardi Gras season show, Our A-Gender - which kicked off with a fabulous launch on Wednesday 18 February.

ACON is NSW’s leading health promotion organisation specialising in HIV and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) health. ACON works from a strengths-based perspective, celebrating community resilience and creativity in pursuit of better health. Boomalli in turn is committed to supporting and celebrating the diversity and immense talent within the gender and sexuality-diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Artist and curator of the show, Jasmine Sarin says, "it's an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in the LBGTI community to creatively discuss the things that matter to us, including gender equality, marriage equality, health, social and political issues in the realm of cultural identity".

Boomalli is an independent, Aboriginal owned and operated co-operative - so purchase of artwork directly benefits the artists, and supports this vibrant gallery. Our A-Gender is open until 28 March. 

Image: Artist, Steven Morgan with the work he was commissioned to create for Our Story, Our Time, Our Future: 2014 International Indigenous Pre-Conference on HIV & AIDS, an affiliated event of the 20th International AIDS Conference. The artwork is on loan to Boomalli from AH&MRC for Our A-Gender.   

Images credit: Michela Ledwidge. Full set.


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