CALL-OUT: Paid Experience Design and Production work

Looking for design or production work in interactive entertainment and immersive experience? We invite new applicants to submit their details for intermittent casual employment and upcoming productions. We often require additional hands for ad-hoc stagings, which gives us the opportunity to meet new talent for future work. We love working with expert generalists but even if you don't fit that description do have a look at the roles below to see what we are likely to need, sometimes at short notice.

Experience Host

Our hosts help with staging and supporting the user experience at events. People skills are a must. Familiarity with realtime experience (e.g. games, installations) is ideal.

Experience Artist

Our artists create the aesthetic, designs and art assets for a range of platforms. Creative vision and the ability to deliver assets to order is what we're after.

Experience Developer

Our developers craft the system components that power our shows and tools. Ability to interpret and implement quality code to a given specification is expected. Knowing how to troubleshoot and improve a product through iterative development is ideal.  

Experience Operations

Operations work includes design, installation and implementation of infrastructure to operate our studio and shows. Can-do attitude, ability to work under pressure, to troubleshoot and problem-solve all manner of system or production issues is what we need.

How to apply

We welcome all applicants with strong motivation and enthusiasm in the area of interactive entertainment and immersive experience. Women and people who identify as non-binary are encouraged to apply. Mod is a female owned and run studio.

To apply please do not send emails but use our online application form including a link to your online CV or portfolio. Applications for multiple roles are welcome. 

This is an open call-out with no closing date - applications can be made at any time.


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