Google Chromecast

Wires and cables are a necessary evil for productions - but Chromecast seeks to put an end to this.

Though it's not yet commercially available in Australia we’ve been putting the Google Chromecast through its paces. The Google Chromecast is a digital media player in the form of a small HDMI dongle and USB cable. It plays audio/video content on a high-definition TV by streaming content directly via Wi-Fi from the internet or a local network.

- Cheap
- Simple setup
- Able to stream Netflix
- Easy streaming from YouTube
- Well documented - easy to create Chromecast support in your Chrome web browser, iOS and Android apps
- Cheap and cheerful way of sharing content from any desktop screen in the studio to our large meeting room screen
- We even tried streaming our ACO VIRTUAL show - the framerate is not quite ready for prime time but promising - especially for remote screenings where physical cabling from media player to large screen is problematic.
- Tab casting content from a background application - you don’t need to have the Chromecasted content in the foreground

- Postage from the US to Australia is as much as the cost of the Chromecast - until it's available for sale locally (but $70 is still a pretty good price for this gadget)
- Shortage of Australian app content - despite rumours, Chromecast support was a no-show for the launch of Foxtel's Presto service recently.
- Requires strong wifi signal and doesn’t support newer 5GHz WiFi only 2.4GHz


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