Epic Citadel - Next Generation Web3D

Epic Citadel HTML5 is a tech demo showcasing what is possible to create using web technology in 2014. Produced originally in 2010 as a demo of Epic's popular game engine Unreal 3, Epic have now teamed up with Mozilla to publish the demo on the web.

In this demo you wander around a medieval castle landscape and enjoy the stunning visuals or take a guided tour of the grounds.

You don't need to install any extra software  - no plugins required - just one of the more popular browser flavours with WebGL support and Javascript enabled. The secret sauce in this show is emscripten - an ambitious open source Javascript compiler project that could revolutionise web content by simplifying the process by which complex apps created for game consoles and desktop computers can be cross-compiled to run inside the browser.

With the rise of app store eco-systems, that lock consumers into walled gardens, the death of the open Web has been predicted by some. The slow but steady rise of WebGL - the Javascript standard for interactive 2D and 3D graphics - suggests that there's life in the old browser yet.

Take a scenic walk through the citadel!


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