Introducing Grapho at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

Our documentary project A Clever Label, to be demoed at SIGGRAPH Asia next week, is produced using the technology behind our new Grapho app - a tool that lets non-technical users examine and manipulate graph data for presentations. Filling a gap in the market for easy-to-use VR data visualisation, Grapho makes data insights engaging and accessible. Mod has identified demand for a tool that allows secure visualisation of private  data without cloud sharing; Grapho aims to support both local and cloud data, making no assumptions about data location.

Grapho is an easy-to-use tool with rich graphic capabilities and an enormous potential for use in the research, planning, production and experience of data storytelling. It is designed to use hand-tracking technology that empowers non-technical users to explore data relationships with simple, intuitive gestures, making information entirely interactive.

Through Grapho, end users can collate, manipulate and present complex 3D data in XR as simply as using Powerpoint. It increases the usefulness, speed, reach, understandability and effectiveness of data communication.

Powered by Grapho: A Clever Label

A Clever Label is an impact project that aims to expose hidden sources and motivators behind anti-equality messaging, promote inclusion and non-discrimination, and empower advocates to use VR stories that can change hearts and minds. It stages a demonstration of the network effects at play in social movements, and encourages users to connect real data and unearth links between anti-LGBTQI lobbyists, senior Australian politicians and international organisations based in the US and elsewhere.

A data visualisation tool for everyone

We will be gearing up to release Grapho as a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool post SIGGRAPH Asia. The end goal for our tool and for the team is to see Grapho widely used as a virtual production and data presentation tool across multiple industries, verticals and formats. We see the possibilities for Grapho as being wide open, both in virtual production tool and as a presentation tool.

We will be sharing more information about Grapho’s public release and availability over the next few months, as well as more information about the tech requirements and real-world applications of the tool. For now, the best way to experience Grapho is through A Clever Label. We’ll be pushing out some behind the scenes content, and the finished documentary episode, so you can check out Grapho’s features and see how we’ve used them to create and share a multilayered and complex narrative. 

Both A Clever Label and Grapho have been supported by Neo4j, the open source graph database platform behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation, and by Microsoft who provided use of their Mixed Reality Capture Studio in San Francisco. 

Coming to SIGGRAPH Asia? This is where we'll be!

Birds of a Feather: Virtual Production

Monday, 18 November 2019

11:00 - 13:00

Plaza Meeting Room P7

This Birds of a Feather is for attendees interested in virtual production for live action and animation projects. Virtual Production is a relatively new term that covers a range of processes used in media production that leverage real-time audiovisual and lighting technology (e.g. game engines, virtual reality hardware, and video projectors) to create immersive environments on-set for cast and crew.

Trade Exhibition 

Stand C22 

Tech Talks at our stand, 11am-11.20am on Tuesday & Wednesday   

Real-Time Live!: A Clever Label/Grapho

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

16:00 - 18:00

Great Hall 1&2

A Clever Label (ACL) is an interactive immersive documentary experience with video and VR versions. Inside the ACL experience the audience is guided by the presenter to explore the story facts using realtime spatial data visualizations, which can be generated by non-technical presenters, as a new format for presenting information.


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