Mod at CeBIT Aus 2014

Mod was at CeBIT Australia for the first time this week. Mish and Michela enjoyed meeting a wide variety of visitors, including some who had never heard of immersive video and others who dropped by to say they had enjoyed playing with ACO VIRTUAL at Melbourne Airport that morning! We didn’t get a chance to check out everything at the show but here are some exhibitors that caught our attention and captured the flavour of the show.

Hire-Hive are building an online marketplace for film-makers to hire out their personal gear.

Launchbox Australia is introducing space science to Australian students with balloon launched experiments - they had a balloon at the show - and are planning to put a new satellite in orbit by 2015. 

DGS3D demoed their 3D printers that produce paper-based objects.

Cartesian Co, a recent Kickstarter success, showed off 3D printers that print actual circuitry onto a range of surfaces including fabric!

XY Gaming are working on middleware that allows players to bet on existing video games with both real money and virtual currencies.

A NICTA research project, Brain Gauge that assesses mental load (e.g a driver’s concentration) through a range of sensors and real-time tests. Michela discovered that driving a Unity-powered car simulation and doing maths problems at the same time is harder than it looks!


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