Mod at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019: A Clever Label

SIGGRAPH Asia is a conference like no other, where innovation is more than a buzzword - it’s actually tangible and forward thinking. This year, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 will be held in Brisbane, the first time it has ever been in Australia! We're excited that Mod will have such a strong presence at the conference this year - as well as being a finalist in the prestigious Real-Time Live! competition, we're co-hosting the Birds Of a Feather session on Virtual Production and exhibiting in the Trade Show for the first time.

So much has changed and evolved in tech, in production and in the way they overlap with the creative fields. There are entirely new ways of working being developed all the time, and for SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, we are proud to be demoing our latest piece - and the tool that made it possible. We’ll be showing off our project as a part of Real-Time Live! alongside an amazing lineup of creatives, innovators and studios. 

The culmination of over a year of development is a real time, virtual production in the form of a documentary. 

And we’ve called it A Clever Label. 

The reason behind that name will become clear…

Using virtual production to tell data stories

A Clever Label is produced using the technology behind Mod’s new Grapho app - a tool that lets non-technical users examine and manipulate graph data for presentations. Meeting a need for easy-to-use VR data visualisation, Grapho makes data insights engaging and accessible. It's a tool that allows public presentations as well as secure visualisation of private data without cloud sharing; Grapho aims to support both local and cloud data, making no assumptions about data location.

The experience is distributed in an open interactive and immersive digital format. We aim to engage a wide audience through the innovative presentation of public data.

A Clever Label is an impact project that aims to expose hidden sources and motivators behind anti-equality messaging, promote inclusion and non-discrimination, and empower advocates to use VR stories that can change hearts and minds. It stages a demonstration of the network effects at play in social movements, and encourages users to connect real data and unearth links between anti-LGBTQI lobbyists, senior Australian politicians and international organisations based in the US and elsewhere.

That sounds good, right? So what does this mean in practice? It means that at SIGGRAPH Asia, attendees will be able to observe data points and cards, and follow interconnecting threads to discover information for themselves, while our volumetric video host provides context and background through a performance and narration.

Why virtual production?

"Virtual Production returns us to a time when all the creative decision makers were in the same room at the same time, making the final product together. Everyone can walk away from set saying "That completed scene is great", rather than everyone walking away from set saying "I wonder what that's going to look like in 6 months". Using VP as a collaborative creative sandbox helps departments work together." 

- Michela Ledwidge

When we decided to approach storytelling through the lens of interactive data, we were drawn to virtual production because it’s a format that we have always believed in, that immerses creatives within their work in the same way users will be immersed. Making and using/viewing a production become equal experiences. 

Every day in the development process, we’ve been walking around inside our virtual set and building it together, through the eyes of both audience and creative, and that combined vision is a hugely powerful way for us to stay in touch with the people who will be going inside our stories.  

We have had a long running relationship with the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences, to say the least. We won the Web 3D Roundup art prize at SIGGRAPH 2001, and we've been session presenters/speakers at SIGGRAPH Asia since 2014. We have consistently had an amazing response from audiences and researchers alike. We are so excited that SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 are welcoming us to the stage and to the conference, and we can’t wait for you to see and touch the stories we will be bringing to life.


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