Mod on Tour in Melbourne and Canberra

Michela and Mish will be visiting Melbourne and Canberra, Fri 6 to Thu 12 May, sharing with organisations and individuals expert insights into new opportunities in interactive entertainment and immersive experience, including 360 video and VR.

In Melbourne 6-7 May, Michela will be attending the 2016 ADG Awards as ADG Vice President - Digital. The awards will this year be televised on FOXTEL's Aurora channel.  The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) represents the interests of Australian directors across all formats and has been registered as a union since 2015 to have a stronger negotiating role with industry.

In Canberra, ACO Virtual will open at the National Museum of Australia, running as a free exhibition 9 May to 17 July. Mish and Michela will be in Canberra till 12 May, giving walk-through demonstrations of the ACO Virtual experience and its technology specifically, as well as meeting with people interested in Mod's field generally.  

Anyone interested in meeting in Melbourne or Canberra can contact us at or phone +61 2 8003 4811. 

Image: National Museum of Australia


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