The Many Moods of Donald Trump Release

Our latest Virtual Production is political satire starring the legendary Harry Shearer, with releases timed to coincide with the USA's current presidential election season. The Many Moods of Donald Trump, comprising 13 tracks, hits the shelves 30 October, just three days before the US goes to the polls. 

Shearer is well known for his work on This Is Spinal Tap and The Simpsons but as a prolific writer, director, musician and broadcaster he regularly releases albums of musical political satire. When it came to his latest album, The Many Moods Of Donald TrumpHarry sought a production team who could transform him into Trump using motion-capture processes - and an added challenge was to do it remotely while Harry isolated in LA under Covid19 conditions.

Mod was brought onto the project by our friends at The Electric Lens Co to design and produce the virtual production phase of the project, using Unreal Engine (UE4), and to direct and edit the performance capture sessions from Sydney - making it a completely virtual and real-time rendered production. 

ELC animated Trump's face using the Machine Learning technology known for 'deep fakes', creating video in the tradition of satirical cartooning. ELC founder Matt Hermans came up with the idea of training the deep fake on the digital Trump character instead of a human - which worked surprisingly well! This new content genre has therefore been dubbed Deep Toon. Mod worked on deep toons for two tracks from the album, Son In Law and Executive Time.

In the lead up to the election Shearer has been releasing a track each week on YouTube.

Mod's work on the project is mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter while a deeper dive into the more technical aspects of our Virtual Production processes on the project can be found on fxguide.


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