Motion Control

Here at Mod we've been using motion control technologies to create engaging experiences for audiences.

There have been rapid advances in what's possible and it's becoming increasingly cost effective. Accurate motion control sensors are now in consumers' homes - notably the 2010-released Kinect for Xbox 360 and for Windows. In a matter of weeks Microsoft will be releasing the sequel to this category-busting product - the Xbox One Kinect. Motion control cameras are already being used in some amazing ways including low cost motion capture film making and allowing users to move physical objects by making movements in front of a computer's screen.      

Another device is the Leap Motion - a computer hardware sensor that supports hand and finger motions, as well as handheld pointers (like a pen or baton) as input. While not yet accurate enough to fully replace your mouse or touchpad, it does provide some fun creative opportunities. For example, Tokyo-based indie developer, musician and DJ, Aliceffekt has written software to use the Leap Motion as a Theremin-like instrument and shared the source code on GitHub.

We've already integrated motion control into productions for HP Fashion Week and Austrade's presence at the London Olympics. We've also been doing extensive R&D in body tracking as part of our participation in the Interactive Media Innovation (imi) project, an Australian Research Council supported project of the Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. We're always on the look-out for opportunities to do this kind of exciting work.

Image credit: Atsushi Tadokoro


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