SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 - BOF - Virtual Production

We are pleased to confirm that the Birds of a Feather - Virtual Production event is locked in for SIGGRAPH Asia 2019.

We're excited to have an opportunity to get a good chunk of the global Virtual Production community together in one room in Brisbane. Please circulate this notice to individuals and organisations you think who might be interested. With your support we can make this emerging screen industry sector more inclusive and diverse.


Monday Nov 18 2019
11am - 1pm Birds of a Feather - Virtual Production
Conveners: Michela Ledwidge (Mod), Chris Carter (QUT)
Plaza Meeting Room P7

Please see the conference programme for pass requirements.

We've been given a 2 hour slot so the intent is to spend the first hour on speed talks and then open it up to a roundtable to involve the whole room.