SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Wrap Up

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 was huge for Mod. We enjoyed meeting people, strengthening connections within our sector and demonstrating our latest work. Our key activities in numbers:

Talked with hundreds of people at our stand throughout the 3-day trade show, supported by 6 team members 

Gave 2 scheduled tech-talks at our stand

Curated a 2-hour community-of- practice session on Virtual Production, for 50 practitioners, including 10 speed talks and a facilitated discussion

Gave a live 9-minute demo of our production, A Clever Label and its underlying technology, Grapho in the finals of the Real-Time Live! competition, presented by our 5-person crew

We're chuffed with how everything came together and thankful to all the talented, energetic and dedicated people who were part of the Mod team. We're looking forward to continuing conversations and collaborations with our new and old contacts.