VR development for PyLadies

Mod recently hosted a Virtual Reality programming workshop for the Sydney PyLadies Meetup group. PyLadies is an international network of female python users providing support and advocacy aimed at getting more women coding. The python community has a great reputation for diversity and encouraging wider participation in tech culture. This workshop was an introduction to using the python programming language and real-time AV engine Touch Designer to code room-scale VR experience. While python is not the first programming language you might normally associate with VR, Michela demonstrated how Touch's python API can assist rapid prototyping (in what she loves to refer to as Mod's "holodeck") to quickly try out ideas on-the-fly. High end VR platforms open up exciting new possibilities for interactive experience and immersion, and creative live coding is key. The group got to try out a simple workshop exercise around creating procedural geometry, textures and lighting and also compare Vive and Oculus integration using Mod's Rack&Pin API to bring in old production assets for remixing and reversioning.

The Mod VR space in our Haymarket studio is available for public bookings and we're also able to provide travelling kits equivalent to our VR Arcade product on request. It's been fascinating and inspiring to host so many different groups as they make first contact with VR and hear their impressions and aims for the new(ish) medium. A big fat cable out the back of your headset is likely to look very old fashioned very soon! Make sure you take pictures!


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