Rack&Pin platform

Many of the digital tools we use, including those created in-house, are available as a subscription service through our management platform Rack&Pin.

Rack&Pin is a one-stop shop for managing productions and facilities. Designed specifically for mixed reality, real-time experience and media convergence, it’s already supported many diverse and successful projects.

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We make extensive use of Rack&Pin online hubs to manage our productions effectively across time zones. The team has extensive experience dealing with high-end production in Australia, Europe and North America. Many of our productions have influenced the design of this service, giving our clients and collaborators additional value. To-date Rack&Pin hubs have been used to facilitate production on feature films, video games, broadcast TV series, museum exhibits, online projects and live events. No media project is too small or too big to benefit from web friendly production processes.


Tag Town

Tag Town is our platform for location-based entertainment - focusing on multi-player games and stories

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Virtual Tour

Imagine standing on stage during a live performance by your favourite band. Imagine a presentation in a space that transforms all around you along with the topic. Imagine being able to control your surroundings using nothing more than touch, movement or voice.

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