Tag Town

Tag Town is a platform for location-based multi-player games and stories, played across mobile apps and web browsers - on an iPhone it looks and feels like a Camera app.

You identify real world locations from clues and then take your own photos to progress in the game. The aim is to discover new places and unlock achievements. These may take the form of stories, prizes, discount vouchers or other incentives from participating brands.

It's a clever platform that makes it easy for people or organisations to create their own quests to share with friends or a wider audience. Tag Town lets you recycle photo collections already online and use them in games.

For gamers, Tag Town offers the ability to tell the game how much time you have available to play and, based on your GPS position, a customised quest is automatically created for you - a set of challenges to complete in the time available. Tag Town also gives storytellers a way to put together collections of photos with text and other art to create unique stories to share.

Virtual Tour

Imagine standing on stage during a live performance by your favourite band. Imagine a presentation in a space that transforms all around you along with the topic. Imagine being able to control your surroundings using nothing more than touch, movement or voice.

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Rack&Pin platform

We are the developers of Rack&Pin, a management platform, that we use internally and license to third parties.

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