Indigemoji is decolonising the internet with Australia’s first set of Indigenous emojis, created on Arrernte land in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. Mod is very proud to be part of the team supporting this important cultural project. 

Kwertare (crown) image from the Indigemoji app. (Courtesy of Harold Thomas and WAM Clothing) 

In 2018 hundreds of young people and senior Arrernte cultural advisors participated in workshops over the summer school holidays as part of the Geek in Residence program at the Alice Springs Public Library. They designed a new set of emojis that represent life, culture and language on Arrente Country in Central Australia. Senior artists and digital mentors were supported by inDigiMOB to work with the young artists to realise their ideas.

The app was developed by Leigh Harris and ingeous studios. The 90 digital sticker emojis are on the Indigemoji app, which can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play. The emojis are for everyone to use and share - on social media, text, email or wherever emojis are shared. Each emoji is named in written English and in written and spoken Arrernte. 

Producer on the project, Caddie Brain, invited Mod to provide technical advice and support for the November 2019 launch phase. Mod's long-time network development partner, Sol1 also provided invaluable support. By happy coincidence, Sol1's founder, Dave Kempe is a descendent of Hermann Kempe, who worked with Arrernte people in the 1800s to record the first compilation of Arrernte words translated into English.

The launch was enthusiasticly welcomed, with 40,000 downloads in the first week alone. Indigemoji has been recognised by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences as a 2020 Annual Webby Awards honoree in the Apps, Mobile and Voice: Public Service & Activism category. 

Indigemoji is an open source project, which makes it possible for other First Nations peoples to use it as the basis for creating emoji stickers representing life, culture and language on their own Countries. 

Mod has continued to provide technical updates, advice and support for future phases of this deadly project. 

For more information, including the full story, credits list and latest news, visit

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