Mobile Moodlab

We worked with artist George Khut on The Big Anxiety’s Mobile Mood Lab. The experience is housed in a converted ambulance, and travels Greater Sydney throughout The Big Anxiety festival.

The Mood Lab is equipped with interactive artworks by George Khut, developed in collaboration with Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Mobile Moodlab

Khut’s works (Heart Library and Bright Hearts) invite visitors to explore connections between stress, relaxation, breathing and heart rate, using biofeedback controlled interactive sounds and visuals.

Visitors entering the Mood Lab lay down on a specially designed bed, and look up to see an image of themselves floating on the ceiling in a pool of brightly coloured lights. Wireless heart rate sensors record changes in heart rate influenced by stress and relaxation responses – these control the colour, texture and sound of the work: red for faster rates, changing to orange, yellow, green and blue for decreases in heart rate.

The experience is immersive, intimate and mesmerising, accompanied by a live soundtrack of your own heart beat, and sounds that rise and fall with changes in your breathing and heart rate. Afterwards visitors are invited to draw their own maps as a way of processing the experience.

Meet Mike

We have been working with Mike Seymour on a special project to share the latest research into interactive realtime photoreal faces in new forms of Human Computer Interfaces (CHI).

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Sony Interactive

Michela spent April 2018 in San Diego directing a special project for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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A Clever Label

A Clever Label is our investigative documentary experience on the influence of far-right Christian lobby groups on Australian politics, particularly on LGBTQ+ issues.

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Project Credits

Michela Ledwidge: TouchDesigner Artist