Quantum physics project

Mod was commissioned to scope, design and deliver a working prototype for a quantum physics game for touch-pad.

Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that explains the behaviour of matter and energy at atom level. The commission was from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology (CQC2T) at the University of NSW, directed by Prof Michelle Simmons. Prof Simmons explains here how quantum physics will allow computers to become ever faster and more powerful.

Our prototyping project had two objectives. The first was to explore how a game might help increase awareness and understanding of quantum physics principles among young people and non-scientists. The second was to explore possibilities for a game that might support real research, as serious games have in other branches of science, such as fold.it in the field of proteins research.

For this project we worked closely with a quantum physicist from the centre to write a white paper, as well as develop and deliver a prototype, to assist the centre in considering strategies for engaging the broader community with their exciting work.

Meet Mike

We have been working with Mike Seymour on a special project to share the latest research into interactive realtime photoreal faces in new forms of Human Computer Interfaces (CHI).

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Sony Interactive

Michela spent April 2018 in San Diego directing a special project for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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A Clever Label

A Clever Label is our investigative documentary experience on the influence of far-right Christian lobby groups on Australian politics, particularly on LGBTQ+ issues.

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