SuperB is a fast-paced, silly action-comedy for our Tag Town platform for games and stories.

Currently in production as a comic and in early development as a film, its young-at-heart target audience enjoyed films like Black Sheep and Bad Taste. Its irreverent tone recalls PaulTropic ThunderYoung Einstein and Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy and its fast pace is similar to Run Lola Run and Gremlins.

The story follows Gudren Ruitta, a young Swedish woman backpacking in Sydney, who was unknowingly infected with horrific virus, SuperB when her husband-to-be exploded by her side at the altar. SuperB will activate and cause her own explosive demise once she's simultaneously exposed to heat, water and extremely loud noise. All three are present at Bondi Beach, where she's staying.

Parker Benson is the CSIRO Black-Ops investigator who wants to capture her and ‘weaponise’ the virus she carries. He’s assisted by his faithful (but ultimately disposable) beagle. Her only ally is Dr Nicolas Kuznetsov, who lives with his Estonian grandmother who knows the SuperB secret.

SuperB is now awake within Gudren and eager to expose her to heat, water and the noise of a touring top-volume Swedish Death Metal band.

Can Nicolas rescue her in time? Or will Bondi go down in a welter of belching, farting exploding beach-bunnies, beagles and backpackers?

Meet Mike

We have been working with Mike Seymour on a special project to share the latest research into interactive realtime photoreal faces in new forms of Human Computer Interfaces (CHI).

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Sony Interactive

Michela spent April 2018 in San Diego directing a special project for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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A Clever Label

A Clever Label is our investigative documentary experience on the influence of far-right Christian lobby groups on Australian politics, particularly on LGBTQ+ issues.

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