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21) Virtual Production

Virtual Production is a relatively new term that covers a range of processes used in media production that leverage realtime ... Read more >

22) VR in a nutshell

VR in a nutshell 2016 has been described as the “year of VR” - but what does that mean? Read more >

23) Michela Ledwidge

Michela Ledwidge is an artist and director redefining the space between cinema and games. In 2004 she won a NESTA ... Read more >

24) GLBT Aged Care Cultural Sensitivity

Full service video production and interactive video authoring for ACON Read more >

25) Sony Interactive Entertainment Knack-a-thon

Michela spent April 2018 in San Diego directing a special project for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Read more >

26) Meet Mike

We have been working with Mike Seymour on a special project to share the latest research into interactive realtime photoreal ... Read more >

27) Detours & Destinations

We worked with young artists to create interactive elements for an immersive media arts showcase. Read more >

28) Fox Vision

Mod did feasibility research and scoping of the Fox Vision app for Fox Sports. Read more >

29) Mod industry partnership with UTS Animal Logic Academy

In 2018 Mod continued its great relationship as an industry partner with UTS Animal Logic Academy and for the second ... Read more >

30) Mod works with Sony Interactive Entertainment

Michela spent April 2018 in San Diego developing and directing an immersive interactive realtime experience for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Read more >