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1) Introduction to interactive audio in Unity

Michela recently put together a short course for the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) to introduce Screen Music ... Read more >

2) Mod provides training content for Epic Games and fxphd

In 2018 Mod was commissioned to write course content for two leading providers of high end interactive entertainment training. Read more >

3) ACON Aboriginal Project

Mod is proud to provide events and arts-based services for ACON's work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Read more >

4) LBQ Womens Health Conference

ACON engaged us to document the 2017 LBQ Womens Health Conference in Sydney. Read more >

5) First Nations 2016

First Nations in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is a highly immersive 40-minute street-theatre experience for 100 participants ... Read more >

6) Sistergirls DVD

It's our great pleasure to announce the launch of ACON's community education DVD resource, Sistergirls. Read more >

7) Boomalli's Mardi Gras Season Show

As part of Mod's Mardi Gras season work with ACON, we brokered and helped to deliver a partnership event ... Read more >

8) Headbin

Blake lost her father and became a superhero online to avenge him. Our massively multi-player movie. Read more >

9) UTS Future of Storytelling Symposium

A participatory lab experience in the UTS Data Arena - a 360-degree immersive interactive display facility. Read more >

10) Just One Less

Our super-successful user-operated video recording system for mobile booth. Read more >