Experience Design

We do creative research & development for your project in-house which means you deal directly with the person steering your project from idea to reality.

Whether it's for an immersive format (e.g. AR/VR/360°/MR), a game title, a commercial app or a suite of products across different platforms, we take pride in our ability to develop deeply engaging experiences, with client review at each stage, so that together we get great results. We are leaders in Virtual Production including the use of UE4 for high end production pipelines and also collaboration using the open source Mozilla Hubs.

What we do:

  • Work with you to identify how users will interact (scoping out the story world and high level design)
  • Creative and technical writing (scripting and/or technical specifications)
  • Software development
  • Experience design and production
  • Media workflow design and troubleshooting
  • Technical architecture

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We provide expert assistance with digital strategy, design, and production.

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Live Event Media

We love creating media magic for live events and immersive experience.

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Virtual Production

We provide full virtual production services from scoping to direction.

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