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We offer research services for your digital project - providing data, testing concepts and building prototypes to any scale, which means you minimise risk before committing to major spend. 

When you're developing an innovative project, or a project type that you're unfamiliar with, it pays to minimise risk by testing the concept before outlaying funds on a full build.

Our research service surveys and reports on the most up-to-date, stable and cost-effective technologies suited to your particular project, and provides a report covering direct and indirect costs, timeline, pros/cons and other considerations specific to your project.

If you decide to progress beyond research stage, we can build you a prototype to test assumptions, functionality, user-friendliness or other specified criteria.

We love to get our hands dirty with rigorous technical research and development to support creative projects. We are leaders in Virtual Production including the use of UE4 for high end production pipelines and also collaboration using the open source Mozilla Hubs.

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We provide expert assistance with digital strategy, design, and production.

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Live Event Media

We love creating media magic for live events and immersive experience.

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Experience Design

We bring your digital idea to life, working with you from concept to launch.

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