VR Arcade

Experience amazing immersive and interactive entertainment in Mod's VR space with the brilliant Valve Index.

Location: Haymarket, Sydney
Session length: 45 minutes for 1-4 people

We are a working studio so to book a time when our VR space is available please call 0431 634 764 or 0403 705 785. Bookings can be purchased as gifts and all bookings are confirmed once your online payment has been received. Your written confirmation will arrive by email so please check your spam folder and call us if it's not received within 24 hours. 

During your visit you can choose one or more experiences. Some examples:

Beat Saber - an addictive VR music rhythm game. Grab your light sabers to slash your way through some great tunes. Beat your friends or your personal best.

Tilt Brush - lets you 'paint' in VR. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, textures, stars, light and even fire. The room is your canvas.

ACO Virtual - immerse yourself in virtuoso performances by the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO). Explore the music or even bring your instrument to play along to the score.

The Lab - explore a compilation of Valve’s room-scale VR experiences. Play the archery game to defend your castle, fix a robot, adopt a mechanical dog, and more.

VR Arcade is not suitable for under 12s. Persons under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. By booking you accept the Terms and Conditions.

1 person $59.00

3 people $89.00

2 people $69.00

4 people $119.00