Our Testimonials

Your contribution has been nothing short of remarkable and I can not express my appreciation enough for your continued help, support and professionalism.

Mike Seymour
Researcher, University of Sydney MOTUS Lab

All the programming was very stable, and everything worked flawlessly.

Phil Sullivan
CTO, The Pulse

The participative element of ACO VIRTUAL both engaged and held visitors, allowing them to interact with the musicians on a new level. Visitors were astounded by the new technology... Many had never even seen an orchestra live, so being able to participate and conduct one themselves was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sarah Schmidt
Director, Hamilton Gallery

From our first meeting it was clear that Michela and the team understood what we needed. They were friendly and clear in their communication, flexible in accommodating our changing needs and they produced two fantastic products on time and on budget. Having Mod lead on such a critical element, in what was an extremely busy period for ACON, put my mind at ease. I am extremely happy to recommend Michela, Mish and the team at Mod. Thank you.

Matthew Vaughan
Principal Planner, Engagement Strategies Unit, ACON

Best experience I've had in years

Customer, VR Arcade

Mod's consultation and VR project development insights have assisted Sheldon College in creating a clear vision for the re-design of our Visual and Digital Arts Space – ArtScapes. Mod demonstrated a range of industry based VR applications for the project team to consider with regards to implementation of STEAM and Innovative Information Technology Curriculum Initiatives. We are excited to continue the consultation process with Mod during planning, implementation and future development of our one of a kind VR / AR Digital Media Arts Facility.

Vanessa Noonan
Head of Faculty - Technology, Digital Pedagogy Co-ordinator - Sheldon College, QLD

ACO VIRTUAL uses the advances in TouchDesigner 088 to set a new baseline for high-performance video delivery on a single 12-core computer with two Nvidia K5000 Quadros.


MOD delivered the on-board experience, in what was a challenging project with significant financial restraints, on time and within budget. Visitor feedback about their work is very positive with 90% of those surveyed stating they would recommend Action Stations to others.

Alexandra Gaffikin
Head of Interpretation and Design, Australian National Maritime Museum

We’re having such a great response from ACO Virtual... we’re getting lots of word of mouth and people returning several times with different friends / family members. A roaring success in so many ways.

Bronwyn Coulston
​Manager, Shoalhaven City Arts Centre​

Staging ACO Virtual generated a buzz of word of mouth that I think translated to a larger audience for ACO2's live concert than we would have been able to achieve without it.

Stephen Champion
Centre Manager, Bathurst Entertainment Centre

There was a round of applause from visitors after the ACO VIRTUAL performance ended... this format could be used for other applications - AC/DC would be great!

Chris Stannard
Gallery Curator - Tanks Arts Centre

ACO VIRTUAL was very successful for us – we had over 2000 people through during the installation period which we have never achieved before. One of our volunteers particularly enjoyed watching babies and very small children interact with the installation – she said they were mesmerised, turning their heads to see each musician. It also attracted people who had never been to the Artspace before.

Susan Rogers
Senior Arts & Cultural Officer - Gatakers Artspace

ACO was incredible! My two year old son was transfixed. Was a wonderful way to introduce classical music to children in an innovative way. Thank you!

Clare, Scott, Jack
Visitors to ACO VIRTUAL, Manly Art Gallery & Museum

Opens up the concertos to be enjoyed by each instrument that plays a crucial part in the composition. It's amazing to see how all the instruments come together.

Visitor to ACO VIRTUAL, Manly Art Gallery & Museum

Mod's attention to detail was exceptional, as was their customer focus. They provided us with structure to organise our concepts into reality. Their communication with us was timely and concise, using whatever method was appropriate given the tight timeframes.

Lindy Babb
Business Improvement Specialist, Bankstown City Council

Great way to engage with an exhibition!!

Attendee, TEDxAdventures
Power of 1 preview

I got to indulge my inner pedant, testing out some very cool visualisation.

Attendee, TEDxAdventures
Power of 1 preview

Absolutely brilliant! Very exciting, questioning and enlivening.

Attendee, TEDxAdventures
Power of 1 preview

The various displays, in particular the 'voice' room, posed many questions in my mind, which is always a positive indicator. It is good to think about how we contribute to social and political views in a rapidly changing environment. No clear answer! But at least it has me thinking...

Attendee, TEDxAdventures
Power of 1 preview

ACO VIRTUAL proved popular with all ages. Visitors said they wanted to bring it home.

Maggi Solly
Director, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

...the installation ran flawlessly. Everyone who saw the show was knocked out.

Richard Gillespie
eMerge Gallery Director - James Cook University, Australia

As soon as I got home this afternoon, my granddaughter was pestering me to download the ACO app on my phone. As we have a really weak phone signal in our house, she spent that next hour sitting outside in the dark using the app (with her feet tucked up under her to prevent the possums we feed from biting her toes).

Grandmother of student from Matraville Soldiers' Settlement School

Mod's projects are always interesting and look to push the boundaries of interactive experience.

Sara Cousins
Senior Producer, Digital Education, Innovation at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

We have worked with MOD on several projects now, and find their attention to detail and broad, highly-adaptable skill set to be an invaluable resource in the design and implementation of bespoke experiences. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to any client, and look forward to the opportunity to continue working with MOD to build more amazing experiences.

Steve Wylie
Director, Evolved HD

The project went well and was delivered to spec... The quality of the work was as expected, and we would certainly engage your services again.

Zoe Warne
Creative Director, August

MOD offered the unique combination of knowledge and skills we needed: knowledge of available technology and ability to apply it, artistic understanding and skill, supplier contacts, production experience and ability to teach and lead us.

Georgia RIvers
Marketing Manager, Australian Chamber Orchestra

Michela has since taken the technical nous and drive that I saw at the BBC and turned it very successfully to Modfilms, a remarkable and innovative project that I believe is going to be a defining part of a very major new trend in the entertainment / communications / content sector.

Doug Winter
Director, Isotoma