VR Arcade Terms & Conditions

Booking a session means you agree to these terms and conditions. When you book a VR Arcade session Mod will comply with Australian Consumer Law. You can find out more at

Risk of injury or health impacts

You engage with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at your own risk. Some people may experience loss of balance, unwanted vision effects, nausea, disorientation or similar effects. It is your own responsibility to notice if you are experiencing negative effects and to either step out of the VR experience or request a chair to participate in a seated position. You must be 16 years or over. Use for longer than 45 continuous minutes is not recommended.

Refunds and session exchanges

Mod does not offer refunds if you experience unwanted effects as outlined above. Mod does not offer refunds or session exchanges because of a change in your personal circumstances (for example being late or if you are not able to attend unexpectedly).
Mod will offer an exchange of session time if your bookings is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated by Mod. If you don’t want to attend a rescheduled or relocated session a refund is available. In order to claim an exchange of session time or refund:

  1. you need to request it within 2 weeks of your originally booked session;
  2. proof of purchase may be required;
  3. if Consumer Law permits, transaction/admin costs may be deducted from the refund;
  4. the total amount you paid (including any fees or charges) will be the maximum amount Mod will repay you.


This is an unsupervised activity. You will be asked to provide either your photo ID or a $100 cash deposit, to be held while you are in the VR Arcade. This will be returned at the end of your session once equipment has been confirmed as intact.   

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