See you soon!

Our Mozilla Hub is a place to meet with us and explore the capabilities of web XR. We host a daily Open House, Monday - Friday, 11.00-11.30am (Sydney time) - just drop in! Access details and a simple Hubs User Guide are below. Outside of Open House hours our hub may be unattended but you can still chat with us. Join the Mod Discord server and then head to our lobby. If you have any issues, please contact us.

Simple Hubs User Guide

Hubs by Mozilla works with most devices (laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and VR headsets) and with multiple web browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Using lower-powered devices (2015 and older) may, however, impact your experience.

Follow your provided invitation links.

1. Join on Discord via
2. Find our Open House at

Once you’ve entered, you will be asked to choose your name and avatar, both of which will be visible to others in the virtual room. We recommend you use your real name to help others identify you. To use an off-the-shelf avatar, click "Browse Avatars" and click your desired choice.

Click "Enter on Screen" (or "Connect VR Headset" for VR headset users). You will then be asked to grant mic permissions. To grant mic permissions, click "Allow", (Clicking "Block" will prevent you from using your microphone to communicate with others in the room) then click "Next". If you have multiple microphones, this screen will allow you to choose which one to use. If you don’t know what to select, simply continue with Default. If your microphone is working, you should see a blue level indicator inside the microphone icon when you speak. Click the speaker to test your speakers or headphones. When you are done, click "Enter Now".

Moving inside the virtual world:

  • Laptop / Desktop Controls:
    • To walk forward, backward, left and right, use W, A, S, D keys or your arrow keys.)
    • To move faster, hold down SHIFT as you move.
    • To look left, right, up and down, CLICK AND DRAG using your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.

  • Mobile device Controls:
    • To walk, use two fingers to MAKE A PINCH OPEN GESTURE
    • To look left, right, up, and down, SWIPE AROUND the screen with ONE FINGER.


You can use your device’s mic to speak with others as if you were in a real space. Audio direction and volume is spatially responsive. You can also use text chat by typing in the translucent text bar at the bottom of the screen and press the "ENTER" key. Your message will then be displayed in the main chat window to the rest of the room.