Big Sand virtual band gig

Feb 10, 2023 by Michela Ledwidge

We helped Sally Coleman design and stage the first live show for her virtual band Big Sand.

In her own words:

This 'party in the desert' allowed me to appear in a real world music venue (The Lab at LIGHT ADL) as the band's lead singer Taal, and interact with an audience. And because I'm a sucker for punishment, I wanted to stream my live performance remotely, from the Flinders University motion capture stage (called The Void). Developing this prototype was a huge learning curve for me, and although there's plenty of room for improvement I want to share my process so far.

From scoping the real-time live show possibilities through to contributing software components (using TouchDesigner, Ableton Live and Unreal Engine), this was a great opportunity to share our experience and recent R&D into virtual gigs. It was great to support a local Australian band with a strong vision for using virtual production.

Check out Sally's warts-and-all-recap video with valuable insights into what makes a good prototype. Useful tips for indie and larger teams!

Exciting times for virtual live events. Looking forward to the next Big Sand gig, alien bugs and all!