Mod wins a Graphie

May 03, 2023 by mish

We're honoured to have won a 2023 Graphie Award for our XR innovation in graph technology.

Mod’s award is for our product, Grapho, which makes graph data more accessible, using rich 3D spatial visualization. Users can explore, manipulate and present their data using natural gestures in VR, AR and MR, with an equivalent user experience for desktop computer users. Grapho began life as the user experience behind Mod’s award-nominated investigative VR documentary, A Clever Label (2021).

Mod Co-founder and CEO, Michela Ledwidge says, “We’re thrilled to be extending the possibilities of spatial visualization of graph databases using Neo4j and Unreal Engine.

The annual Graphie Awards recognize innovative, unique and impactful graph-based projects that use Neo4j technology. Organizations and individuals are recognized, including global enterprise, startups, investigative and data journalists, creatives, developers and ambassadors. The goal is to showcase those using graph technology to make the world a better place.

More information on Grapho can be found at https://grapho.app

For more information on the Graphie Awards see https://neo4j.com/graphies

Media release available here.

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